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My Children Continue to Baffle Me

How is it that a child who is still frightened of the vacuum, trains & rain splashing in her face; yet, she welcomes wholeheartedly freezing, face-numbing wind to submerge her whole being by running against it? Some things we will never know!

Meanwhile...the other child who pours water on her head, approaches life head on & doesn't get too uptight in general was found shuddering in the safety of shelter.


Gingerbread Houses

A couple evenings back we put together gingerbread (graham cracker) houses. As you will see, this was all girl decorated, which makes for a better house. Before actually putting the houses together, the girls had put the candies into various bowls. Veronica had picked out some gummy butterflies for her house, which butterflies are all the rave for her right now. One morning, she took one gummy butterfly out of the bowl; however, not to eat, but to use as a play toy. She put it behind her back saying, "Oh look at my butterfly wings!" as she pretended to fly through the house. Imagination sure isn't lacking in this house.

Cadence's finished house

Veronica's finished house

Here's a little video of Cadence helping put candy in the bowls.


Almost Two Years Ago

I'm still in shock that Tayers will be turning two shortly. Whether I like it or not, it will happen, so I guess I'll learn to accept it and move on. In the meantime, I do know a thing or two about this little monkey (which I'll share in a couple days), but here's one to keep you coming back.

Whenever we are in the van arriving home, we stop at the mailbox. I push the window button, turn off the car, and insert key. Cadence then says, "I need mail. I need mail, Mama!" Today was her lucky day, because she did get "actual" mail (you know, aside from the political campaign ads). Grandma & Grandpa sent her a card in the mail. It was in a blue envelope and if I know Grandma, she must have found a special My Little Pony card. What do you think?

She also got some My Little Pony stickers, which obviously belong on the card.

And in case you want to hear what the card says...


Apple Bobbing

You know your child is listening to key elements of a story when they just happen to knock over the box of apples on the deck, only to announce, "Oh no! The box of apples fell. I lost my balance! (Veronica)" I forgot that we had just read about Ginger the cat knocking over the apples in a wheelbarrow, then falling into the water while trying to bob for them, because he "lost his balance." Shortly after, I notice there are quite a few apples in the play grocery cart (a.k.a. wheelbarrow), which I quickly said, "Umm, I know Ginger knocked over the apples from the wheelbarrow Veronica, but I need you to keep them in there."

After she realized her dream of being Ginger the cat knocking over the wheelbarrow was extinct, she had a new idea. Applebobbing! She has seen this Autumn festivity recently in three different books, so she continued asking for the remainder of the late afternoon to go "applebobbing" (sidenote: she has called her Uncle Bob at one point 'Apple Bob.' So I thought she was talking about Bob at first). I told her when daddy got home we could go applebobbing. I think the girls interpretation of this semi-lost art just might cause a comeback.


Fake Crying...where did she learn this from?

I was checking my email and heard this sound coming from Cadence..."Hoohoohoo!"  Then, I turned to see if she was alright.  Yes, she was.  Her hands were covering her eyes and there she was...fake crying.  Probably top funniest things she's ever done & I have no idea where she learned it from.