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My Children Continue to Baffle Me

How is it that a child who is still frightened of the vacuum, trains & rain splashing in her face; yet, she welcomes wholeheartedly freezing, face-numbing wind to submerge her whole being by running against it? Some things we will never know!

Meanwhile...the other child who pours water on her head, approaches life head on & doesn't get too uptight in general was found shuddering in the safety of shelter.


Facet of Faces

Aside from being utterly adorable, these two girls are such delights as well. Their personalities (as you can see by the pictures) are both unique (and uniquely different), which is quite evident in their hair alone. I'm very thankful for their blossoming friendship. With Veronica going to school now, she made a friend who she constantly talks about named M. When Ben was reading a book to Veronica about friends, he said, "Oh, like M, you're best friend!" Veronica quickly said, "No daddy! Cadence is my best friend!" I feel like we're currently in that stage of wonderfulness with our girls growing in understanding & comprehension. Veronica is showing more kindness and maturing in what a beautiful heart looks like, while Cadence is, well, two years old (it's a work in progress).


Opposites & Similarities

This is adapted from the book Sisters by David McPhail.

This is the story of two sisters...who, in many ways were different.

One had curly hair.

One had straight hair.

One enjoyed playing peacefully, while in a dress.
The other enjoyed playing in pants & getting into monkey business.

One liked being precise & detailed on her work...

...while the other imagined herself as a princess in a far away tower.
One enjoyed climbing on top of the other, while the other ignored her to read a book.

But, they were also alike in many ways.

They both loved to have fun stomping in puddles.

And they love watching Strawberry Shortcake together.

They both love going on walks together.

And life would not be complete without getting messy together.

But, the thing they had in common above all else, is that they loved each other so very much.


On the Sisterhood

I never had a sister. When my mom was pregnant with my younger brother Andrew, I remember praying to God asking for a sister. Not only did I get a brother, but he happened to share the same birthday with my older brother, which meant another thing to bond them.

I never got my wish, but Veronica got mine for her.

It wasn't until two months ago how glad I was that Veronica got a sister instead of a brother. When I was pregnant with Cadence, I was wanting a boy to ensure we had one of each. But, of course, I wouldn't have it any other way. They each have a sister. A friend. A buddy to do life with. It's a bond I have never known. I have prayed for that bond since Cadence was born.

When we pray at night, Veronica wants to pray for her friends and this is what I pray, "Lord, I pray for (insert name her), that she'll/he'll be obedient to her/his mommy & daddy, be kind to her/his brother or sister and a good friend." We pray that our girls, who are vastly different, will be kind towards one another, best of friends, stand up for one another and share laughter & love with each other.

Veronica has high emotions. She's a reactionary and she's three. I'm a reactionary and I don't have the three years of age thing going for me. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. She hears four items come from my mouth a couple times a day, "Take a deep breath, stay calm, get control & use your words." It's my mantra for her (and me). It works at those miraculous moments, but the stats are around 28% of the time (increasing every week).

However, I recently noticed how these four statements (this mantra) is almost always practiced out when it comes to Cadence. Veronica will run to the kitchen to tell me, "AWWW, mama, I'm so frustrated at sister Cadence!"

As a stay at home mama, I see many of my child's shortcomings and there are days when I focus only on the shortcomings and fail to see the achievements. But, in good fashion, I feel it necessary to boast about how wonderful Veronica is to Cadence. I can only think of a couple times where she's been mean. She is the best big sister to Cadence, which makes Cadence want to do any & all things Veronica does even more so.

Veronica was watching a Strawberry Shortcake video and Cadence wanted to sit next to her sister. So I helped her up and a minute later, I caught this on film. And another reason why Veronica loves her sister and does a good job at it. If this doesn't melt your heart, I honestly don't know what will.


Spending time with G&G Scellick

The girls & I drove over to Grandpa & Grandma Scellick's house earlier than planned last week. We ended up leaving our house for theirs on Monday and stayed until yesterday. Ben drove over Thursday night, which ended up working out just great, considering the pass closed on Friday at the same time we would have originally been traveling. I was able to spend afternoons without the girls, while G&G watched them and it was so nice. I rarely get this luxury, so when it does happen, it's a God send.

When we got back to our house last night, Veronica was in uproar about NOT being at Grandma & Grandpa's house. She had one long meltdown over having to spend the night at our house & even regretted her decision upon rolling into the driveway about leaving "puppy" there. Such a fickle little girl. Later on this month, Ben and I are going to La Jolla, while the girls stay with G&G again. Veronica knows this, so when I announced it was time to go home yesterday, she said, "Mama leave and go on a airplane!" Of course, she was implying that Cadence & her were suppose to stay at G&G's house, while Ben & I left. I'm glad to know that she feels comfortable enough to stay there without us (I guess that also explains more Veronica outbursts specifically for G&G, too--she trusts them enough to widen the audience of just mama & papa).

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our time together, the first being my absolute favorite.

She's Happy,

She's Not!

Reading books, especially Strawberry Shortcake, is a treat.

Veronica enjoyed dying Easter eggs with Grandma & making cupcakes.

Cadence is wearing daddy's apron from when he was a little boy.

Both girls got sunglasses for Easter (and no, this was not posed).

Cadence continued to wear her sunglasses...

...and continued a little more.