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I think they look like they're related

This is Tays at 2 years and a couple months and her cousin Lucas at 2 years and a couple months (they're about 5 weeks apart).  I know my girls are the cutest little girls I ever did see.  And Lucas is definitely the cutest little boy I ever did see.  



If you're a parent, did you envision of an ideal in your home of how your older child would welcome your younger child into the home with the grandest display of hospitality this side of the Mississippi? Then, that ideal quickly came crashing down, as you witness a side in your oldest you had never seen prior baby being born!

I'm sure we all have our stories about our older oldest children acting a bit different than what we'd like for sure. In our home, we are fortunate at this stage in the game to have a very sweet big sister who is gentle and kind to her little sister. In fact, if I ask Veronica to go and give Cadence a toy, or a rice Mum Mum than she will with a lioness sort of care for her cub. She is a good big sister who doesn't want any harm done, but she's also not completely interested in Cadence either (maybe Cadence has grabbed Veronica's hair one too many times?).

So when my brother, sister-in-law, & nephew came this past week to visit, it was no surprise that she didn't jump on the baby bandwagon of welcoming cousin Lucas with hugs & kisses. In fact, it seems Cadence had elected herself as the welcoming chairperson of the house, because she couldn't get enough of her dear cousin. It could be that the had met when Lucas was only a week old, but my hunch is that's just the way she rolls.

We had a good visit with Willy, Adrienne, & Lucas. They came up from AZ (as most of you know that is where I grew up) to escape the dreadful 113+ degree heat (so if you thought the past couple days were hot than maybe you need to rethink it and visit them). We had a wonderful time of talking, laughing, eating good food, taking in Bellingham and of course enjoying some cousin time (which was pure delight).

I was really excited for them to come and never realized how much I would enjoy watching my girls interact with their cousin. I never realized how much I love that they have a cousin. And although I knew Lucas was cute, I didn't know he was THAT cute. In many of his photos he looks quite stoic, but he is quite opposite with his HUGE grin. It was a great time and I really wish they lived closer to have the cousins grow up with one another, and be able to parent alongside of them.