I think they look like they're related

This is Tays at 2 years and a couple months and her cousin Lucas at 2 years and a couple months (they're about 5 weeks apart).  I know my girls are the cutest little girls I ever did see.  And Lucas is definitely the cutest little boy I ever did see.  


A Milestone: Picture of Person

I'm thinking this deserves a spot in the Louvre. I could be biased, but I think my eye is fairly sharp when identifying a solid piece of art. And this being Veronica's first person drawing, one might call me a misty-eyed, smitten mama. I'm so proud of where she was and where she is now and where is going.


My Children Continue to Baffle Me

How is it that a child who is still frightened of the vacuum, trains & rain splashing in her face; yet, she welcomes wholeheartedly freezing, face-numbing wind to submerge her whole being by running against it? Some things we will never know!

Meanwhile...the other child who pours water on her head, approaches life head on & doesn't get too uptight in general was found shuddering in the safety of shelter.


Family Movie Night

Mama had a movie night with friends about a month ago. When Veronica asked Ben where mommy was at, he told her, "Mama's having a special movie night with her friends." Veronica began to cry, "I want to go to a 'special movie night, TOO!!" Veronica peeked over the ledge, "Mama, mama, I want to go to the movie night!"

Ben calmed her little soul down and came upon a compromise, that we would have a family movie night accompanied with popcorn the next night. Veronica shook on it (rather said, "SURE!) and went to bed. The next evening came and got the best seat in the to two cuties in piggytails.


On Writing Posts & Mission Statements

I have been rather absent from our family blog and have been considering leaving it as is right now and not posting anymore on it. We'll see if I change my mind. I did want to mention that I put up a post on my Evangitality about writing up a personal mission statement. It is according to this post on family mission statements that I wrote about. I think it is helpful for knowing who you are and where you are headed. I promise to follow through and go through the other two questions in the book. Go check it out!