Chocolate Chocolate Cookie Cake

I always thought V would be my little baker in the kitchen.  That is until Tayers crawled into the kitchen many ions ago (so it seems ions).  Since that day, she has went from saying, "uh, uh, uh," while extending hands to see what's on the stove to pulling up the stool from the bathroom to help stir.

A couple weeks ago I heard her talking as she busily moved around her play kitchen.  I asked her, "Tay, whatcha making?"  She responded, "Chocolate chocolate cookie cake." 

Apparently, she has not forgotten the recipe as I handed her a couple items (flour, sugar, egg white, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, vanilla, coconut, cocoa, cinnamon) and the rest is history. 


A Thousand Words Captured



Fleece Pants?


The past couple days I've been wearing a pair of fleece pants earlier & earlier in the day (isn't noon okay to slip into something more comfy?). 

V continues to ask me, "Mama, what are those?" as she points to my pants.

"Fleece pants," I reply very non-chalantly.


Last night at dinner it was the same question, "Mama, what are those?" I answer, "fleece pants silly, you know that!" V gives a quizzical sort of look and then, as if she isn't sure she heard correctly, "Police pants?"

I guess the multiple days of answering "fleece pants" didn't matter much.


Pretty Cute Siblings

By the title you may have thought I was talking about my girls (because you would be 100% correct).  However, I was talking about another set of cute siblings that I ran across in an old 8x10 picture that was pleading to be scanned.  You be the judge.




Story on Eggs

If you're familiar with the parenting/teaching program Love & Logic, you know that a key element to their curriculum is offering the child choices.  You offer choices that you would be willing to follow through on.  The thought is by offering many choices to your child throughout the day, you are empowering them to have ownership & a bit of control on the little things, while you have the control over the "big" things. 

For instance, I might ask V in the morning, "would you like me to make scrambled eggs or eggs with yolk?"  To which she almost always replies, "yolk with eggs!"  However, occasionally she might say, "BOTH!" (I didn't see anything in Love & Logic manual on when a child answers this way--only my V)

Tonight as I was making dinner, she asked, "Whatcha making?" 

Me: "Scrambled eggs with sausage & red peppers."

V: (with a bit of suggestion in her tone) "How 'bout you make yolk with eggs?! Like this morning."

Me: "Well, I know you like them, but I'm already making scrambled eggs."

V: "We can do BOTH!  For breakfast AND dinner!" 


It's hard to make an argument against such a case, or a child who makes suggestions with such conviction & passion.  Oh and when her face is as cute as hers.