Ballet/Dance Class


At the beginning of summer, a local dance studio offers summer dance classes.  V went there when she was younger.  We thought it might be a good idea for Tay to have an opportunity to take a class of some sort out of the home.  She has a natural inclination for taking instructions in, following & executing them and still have fun doing it.  She also has skills in coordination & balance.  Dance seemed like a perfect fit for her...she was thrilled at the possibility.


Here she is just a month over two years & she was already predisposed to the foot point.  She has since mastered it.


V said she wanted to take swim lessons, but once I asked if she wanted to try a "ballet" class, she jumped at the opportunity.  Granted, I think she only wanted to do it, because she saw Olivia the Pig as a ballerina in a book we checked out.  The morning of she exclaimed, "Oh, I know!  I need to wear red, you know, like Olivia wears red."  Unfortunately, she didn't remember that her previous favorite color was (and is) pink, which meant a wardrobe dominated by this pastel sister of red.  She quickly chose this number...because it OBVIOUSLY works.



The girls concensus on dance/ballet class was: Tay absolutely LOVED it.  Precisely her cup of tea.  V on the other hand, liked the "idea" of being a ballerina, but when it came to actually having to do it, she opted for spending the next five weeks with her mama.  


Here are videos of their classes.  **In Tay's video, the teacher asks if they can find the yellow cone & who is the child running & then applauding?


If you need a birthday entourage!

My girls just might be the best ones to hire.  Tell me what you love about this, because I love a lot!



Our Astoria



It was three years ago.  V was only 19 months old with her little curls emerging & chubby fisted hands.  Little Tay was safely warm in my belly, unknown if she would be our Jude Ransom or Tay Evangelina.  Grandma & Grandpa doted after the blessed grandchild & we all watched her with amazement and whispers, "How can we possibly love another as much as V?" 

Auntie Mimi, Uncle Bob, Ben, G&G, & myself drinking hot coffee in the morning hours as the fog rose high above the atmosphere.  Auntie Mimi read books, ran on the beach & held V's hands as she stomped her feet around cheerifully.  V would climb into the little built in nook, declare it an under two year old fort & laughter would set forth.    


Cousin Kali sat tentatively by while V ate, hoping a morsel of food would drop.  V would take the little treats& feed Kali, as Kali retrieved them ever so delicately.  The evening was filled with laughter, stories (and the occassional fart joke), while the baby inside would kick at just the right times. 



Now, three years later.  The house was filled with life, which comes from a 4 1/2 & 2 1/2 year old girls.  V's little emerging curls are full flung, much like her personality & development.  What has emerged from this little person is beyond remarkable & my heart is filled more than I can imagine. 

The mama then was wound up tightly, worried over all the little unknowns with her, not able to fully immerse herself in the joy of the moment.  Now, this present mama, no baby inside--is filled with the joy of living this day as a gift.  Her heart & mind are reminded of the valleys & see the faithful hand of God move over her, her daughter & her family.  She sees redemption living out.

 Tay who was a glimmer of hope is a hope fulfilled with her vivacious personality, infectious laughter & a spirit so big & strong, one would wonder how it coud be contained in such a little person.  Tay & V together, as they play, imagine, dance & march to the beats of their own drum have made our Astoria much more present.  They remind us to slow down (or sometimes speed up as we chase them) and take notice of the unseen wonders this world has to offer. 



Grandma & Grandpa know a little more of this than we parents do.  They know how quickly it passes & would gladly give a day to go back to these moments with their own grown children (did I mention they get their own 20 year old physical bodies back too?). 



Auntie Mimi with her care & deep love for her nieces as she sets about to protect them, know them & understand them.  Uncle Bob as he loves in the quiet ways.  And to the average eye it might appear that he doesn't, but I sense it as a mother, that it's just as deep as Auntie Mimi.  The way he jumps in to help build sandcastles & gently extends his hand to see if Tay will take hold. 



Sorry Crystal...this is the only photo I had--still beautiful though!

Three years ago we were a family of three.  Three years ago we were an extended family of six.  Today, we are a family of four.  Today we are an extended family of eight ten, as Miss Anne & Miss Crystal (Uncle Bob's mom & sister) join our Astoria, our little family.  While Miss Anne reads book after book to the girls & Miss Crystal knows how to converse just right to little ones. 


And Kali, oh yes, Kali would make it eleven.  She's still there patient as ever and willing to sit still, while little Tay loves on her.


My Little Duckling


So often I truly want to jump into V's mind & see the world from her view.  Her imagination & go to spirit are truly phenomenal.  Last Saturday we went on an impromptu trip to get coffee & steamed milk.  While we were there, V was saying, "I'm a baby duck V!"  Quickly thereafter, Tay caught on & we had two little girl ducklings on our hands.

Once we got home, V said she needed to swim in her duckling pond.  I was upstairs when I heard Ben say, "Oh V, you need to get out of there...Yes, I understand that you are a duckling, but you have to stay out of the sink." 

Come a little while later, I walk into the downstairs bathroom & notice the sink a bit dirty.  I asked Ben, "So, did V get into the sink?"  He replied, "Yes, she was completely naked standing up in the sink.  She said she was just trying to be a duckling in her pond."

One thing is for sure...this here mama duck never tires from hilarity. 


Our June

I am still amazed that it is closing in on the middle of July & closer to my birthday.  I'm also amazed that June flew by.  At this rate, V will be graduating from high school & I will be a sobby mess.  Yet, let's not get ahead of ourselves (that's right Kamille). 

Here is a quick run down of our family events & pics:


June 4th: Ben & I went to the epic of all concerts...U2.  It was more than amazing!  Earlier that day Ben went to a baseball card show & I took the girls to a park. 


June 10th: V had her last day of preschool, which G&G came up for to celebrate.  V was in a special education preschool this past year.  Her teachers were amazing.  V specially loved her main teacher, Gina, & the SLP teacher, Kari.  She has made so many improvements in her development.  Her outbursts are less, her speech is more clear & her willingness to engage in fine & large motor activities has widened.  I'm constantly seeing how beautifully & fearfully she's been made. 

June 11-12th: Grandma Scellick birthday party.  We drove down to meet the rest of the family, where G&G stayed a couple days in their trailer.  The girls eagerly awaited the arrival of seeing them & Uncle Bob & Auntie Mimi.  Grandma of course had birthday bags for the girls & special trailer sweatshirts to wear. 


June 13th: We ended our third Whole30 challenge with our gym.  Not the best picture below, but a reflection of weight loss, muscle gain, etc.

June 14th: Ben & I celebrated our nine year anniversary.  And no pictures to document the occasion.  We were home that evening.  I made a dinner that I wish turned out better.  I am thankful that both of us have willingly laid down our lives to love the other like Jesus did.  I am also thankful that I married one of the best out there. 

June 23rd: I went to Seattle for two days to spend with my good friend Hilary & go to The Civil Wars Concert.  I get to share life with Hilary about two - three times a year, but so cherish those times.  We were reflecting how friendships that we thought would last forever...haven't.  What we were thankful for is that ours has.  I got to spend the day doing anything I wanted to do, because Hil had to work.  I leisurely walked around Capitol Hill by buying the most fabulous of black dresses (it has pockets), drinking coffee, going to a bookstore & indulging in Salted Caramel Ice Cream from Molly Moon.  Top it off was the concert.  If you ever have a chance to see The Civil Wars--don't hesitate!

June 29th - July 5th: We went on a week long vacation to Lake Chelan & G&G's house.  It was relaxing & made me want to live in Eastern Washington for the summer. Plus, the girls had to wear their goggles the first day we arrived at Lake Chelan, even if only for playing in the sand.



The girls are counting down the days to go back to Grandma & Grandpa's to go to "the country fair!"