Many Faces of Tay in this Third Year

Our Tay Evangelina turned three a week and a half ago.  With V weighing in at 8lbs 2oz & a quick labor, Tay came in at 6lbs 2oz & a long labor.  She had one of the sweetest dispositions as a baby, and when she turned 15 out world.  Her personality emerged more & more, and we continue to pray that her strength of will would be honed to that of her loving Father.

This third year of life has been filled with joy, laughter, & independence.  I have watched my baby grow into her own person.  A person wanting all of life, while eagerly desiring her parent's & sister's approval.  Her name is rhythm & walking in truth.  No matter where life takes you sweet one, no matter where you walk, we pray that you would walk in the rhythms of the Kingdom life.  Those rhythms will never fail you goose.  

As you assuredly announce, "No, I'm not goose, I'm Tay Evangelina!"  I see a little of myself in that spirit.  I knew who I was & I knew who Jesus was, along the way, I lost track.  I pray that I would be a good steward of the gift God has entrusted me with in you, and that your spirit would cling to knowing who you are as "Tay Evangelina."  Your infectious laughter fills my cup.  Your snuggles & kisses with those endearing chocolate brown eyes melt this heart of mine.  How I wish I could bottle you up so you'd never get big.  But, that seems dishonoring to who you need to be.  I see how BIG your little soul will fly & I certainly don't want to get in the way of you soaring.  


So our 'Queen of the Fairies,' dress wearing, purple blankie loving, sister admirer, 15 year old in three year old body, fashionista, mama's helper, girl who calls her mama "mom," sweet toothed nibbler, monkey business seeker, princess enraptured, graceful dancer, catch phrase speaker, daddy kisser, and all around cuteness---thank you for blessing our home with you.  Wonderful, beautiful you. Happy Third Birthday our Tay Evangelina!



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We Remember


We live across from the cemetary.  There is a wall for Veterans.  My grandpa was a man who fought in the Pacific & fought for the rights of Veteran's until he died.  I wasn't fortunate enough to really know him, or to hear his stories.  Today we remember them him & all of the Veterans who preserved freedom for generations to come.  


What does Veteran's Day mean to you? Please share your story.


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Our Little Cow & Queen of the Fairies


For months, V has been talking about how she will be dressed up as a cow for Halloween.  When talking with Nana (my mom) about her costume decision she said, "I would have thought that V would have chosen Olivia the Pig to dress up as for Halloween?" I assuredly answered, "Oh, you see, she's dressed up as Olivia dressed up as a cow.  So technically, she is dressed up as Olivia."  

V had everything planned out from the black tap shoes to red ribbons on her cow ears.  She constantly asked for two months about the costume to ensure that the plan would be executed in time with inquiries (more like reassurances) "Mama, I'm going to have black spots on my costume, with ears & red ribbons like Olivia.  You're going to do that? (me--yes) You'll have it done when you get back from your conference?"  And so began the tales of the little cow.


Tay on the other hand wanted to be the Queen of the Fairies.  What exactly that looks like?  I don't think anyone knew, even Tay.  All of this came from an Olivia book we have where Olivia is cast as cow number two & Francine is cast as Queen of the Fairies.  When we went to Goodwill to find costumes that could semi-replicate this scene within the head of little girls, Tay found a 50s poodle skirt/dress thing with an actual poodle on it.  So you can see how this connects right? Okay, I'm glad I'm not the only one.


I see my job as mama in times like this is to go with the flow, because when it came time to attend the party all dressed up, Tay didn't want to wear her costume, or her wings, or her wand.  I think in her mind, Queen of the Fairies means "you get dressed all fancy, wear your hair up & put on copious amounts of Mama's sparkles on your face."  Why didn't I get the memo?  


V on the other hand is much more meticulous when replicating the costume.  She was very grateful.  When she found her costume at Goodwill, it was obvious that it was a dalmatian costume.  But, her heart was swooning & this mama was not about to go literal.  The only dilemma was creating a hood or head covering to actually look like a cow. And if there was ever a time where my mastery of sewing was showcased, this was it. Not so much mastery, but simply, staying up way too late because I put it off till the last minute before going to my conference.  Yet, V's response was one of thankfulness & awe.  You know, where she thought what I created in her cow hat was similar to the Sistene Chapel.  

She did say, "Oh mama! The ears don't stick up like Olivia's ears!"  I realized that too & how I should have put batting in them, but I wasn't about to correct it.  Plus, I wanted to break it to her, "Sweetie, Olivia actually has ears pushing up through the costume."  



She went to school in almost full costume, with eager anticipation of what her friends would be dressed as on this very exciting day.  Even upon walking up the steps she happily stated, "Mama, I'm so excited! Everyone's going to say, 'what a cute little cow you are!'"  Cute doesn't even begin to describe it, especially when she's been practicing the perfect "moo" for months on in.

Upon entering her classroom & slightly disappointed, she was the only kid dressed up.  I thought of how I would feel as a kid walking into that situation of gladness & expectation to share the joy of dressing up in character to find I was the only one.  Would I feel left out or would I milk it for all it's worth?  I saw a little of the former in V's eyes as she scanned the room.  She even told me she was disappointed no one else was dressed up.  But, you know, it wasn't disappointment from being the only one.  It was disappointment that her friends didn't share the joy with her that day of being in costume.  


She wore it with pride at the party that night & loved every minute.  Our dear friend Talia won points that night by saying, "Oh V! I love how you are Olivia dressed as a cow!"  To which, V turned to Ben with utter happiness on her face & whispered, "Daddy, she said I look like Olivia dressed as a cow!"  

They got their loot & V said just before 7:00, "I'm ready to go home & go to sleep (so much like her daddy)."  She was the perfect little cow, while Tay responded, "I'm Tay, Queen of the Fairies Tay!"  Taking account of my day, feeling rather proud of accomplishing it all after returning just the night before at midnight, V ran with jammies on into my room with worry.  

She desperately cried out, "OH NO Mama!"

"What is it? " I asked.  

She dramatically replied, "I forgot to jump over the moon!"