A Little Singing

Tayers is quite the performer (I don't know where she gets it).  As you can see, she can't just sing one song without the other.  I think in her mind the two songs really are one.  And of course, don't ever forget to applause.



My Family

As a way to combine both worlds of my previous blog, Evangitality & our family blog, I wanted to create a space on this new blog for all things family related.  You might find some resources every now and again, but mostly my heart, thoughts, & fun little snippets of our family.  Let me introduce my family to you.


Ben, Benny, Papa, Daddy...He is the best man I know.  He is my number one supporter in life.  His wit is constantly making me laugh.  He loves me, he loves our girls and we're crazy about him.  Everyone that meets him loves him (it's true--you can't make this stuff up).  He's an ISFJ, which lends him a gentle diplomatic spirit & mind when interacting with people.  He's a reader, statistic & analyst guy & enjoys my cooking.  He's my favorite person to laugh with in life.  He brings a sense of clarity in how I approach new or difficult situations.  He listens to Dan Patrick Sports radio, loves fantasy baseball the most, and enjoys a good pint of beer.  He writes the best Christmas newsletter, which are never filled with the sappy anecdotal stories of the year.  His mind is both strategic & lighthearted.  He dislikes the majority of definitive statements, which means I cannot use words like, "best ever, always, never, etc." He's just as hospitable as me, if not more.  He tirelessly works to provide for our family.  He's generous. He's the ideal son-in-law. He has a knack for puns.  He's creative. He's a purposeful & intentional person.  His work ethic & integrity inspire me to become a better woman, to love more fervently & worship in all I do.  Like I said, he's the best man I know!


  Kamille, Mama, Mommy...I have never been a nickname person unless it came organically.  I'm told I look like my Great Grandma Hey Hey.  My nose is Mexican, while the rest of me is Caucasian.  I've never had braces.  I love Autumn the most, but Summer in the Pacific NW is growing heavily on my sentimental heart.  Peonies, or maybe Sweet Peas, or no...Dahlias Sunflowers are my favorite flower.  I love red shoes. I once owned a pair of purple velvet doc Martins in H.S. (I wore them to prom).  I got carjacked my freshman year of college.  I love to sing & perform.  I appear to have a huge amount of confidence, but I think 40% is protective layering for my sensitive heart.  I can cry easily when it comes to children.  I believe in telling children stories not from books (but I like books).  I grew up in Yuma, AZ.  I'm a quarter Mexican.  I love to dance, play guitar & sing loudly by myself. My favorite books are cookbooks or fantasy. I have rhythm.  I love good food, wine & coffee.  I enjoy saying, "good morning" to my girls.  I enjoy saying, "goodnight" to my girls.  I like to cook, but I love to bake.  I'm a sensate/aesthetic person.  I love textures; whether, in food, nature, or clothes. I'm an auditory learner. I love eggs. I love my gym Jogo Crossfit.  I love that I have muscles you can actually see.  I like dressing up nice, but only take about 20 minutes to get ready. I love teaching & speaking.  I have a degree in History. I'm analytical. I rarely wear make-up or style my hair. I'm an excellent storyteller, but horrible at punch lines or cliches. I'm loyal.  I choose quality over quantity.  I'm an ENFJ. I have a freaky ability to remember most everything. I'm pretty forgiving. I can see God in the little things.  I pray for reconciliation & redemption, because it's Jesus.  I tend to be dramatic & prone to fear.  I'm learning that perfect love casts out fear. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, auntie, friend, daughter of the Most High God, culinary seeker, singer, storyteller.  I'm redeemed. 

 V, Sissy, Sweetpea, Loves, V. Storey...She is our firstborn.  Her middle name is Storey.  On most days, she doesn't go by her given name, but might be, "Olivia, Angelina, Max, Blues Clues, etc."  She was born on my grandfather's birthday, my older brother's birthday and my younger brother's birthday.  She came three days early.  Her curly hair comes from my father's side, or possibly Ben's father's side.  She has a Mexican nose too.  She has Sensory Processing Disorder, but rocks this world.  She has the kindest, gentle heart that I've ever known.  She loves tickles & morning snuggles.  She loves her little sister & is incredibly sweet to her.  She's a morning person.  Once it's bedtime, it's bedtime for her.  She loves beets, broccoli, brussels sprouts & cauliflower, especially when roasted. She is loved by the King.  She loves to hear story after story (you know the kind you tell not from a book). She's an auditory & visual learner.  She's also a sensate and touches everything.  She likes routine.  She has a big imagination.  Her story is remarkable so far and I can only imagine how it will continue to grow.  She's my second favorite morning snuggler (her sister is my second).  Her favorite color is red, but it might change to pink.  She likes strawberry ice cream in a cone.  She loves to dance.  She walks, sings, dances, moves in life to the beat of her own drum.  She is honest.  She has no guile in her body.  She has lots of emotions.  She enjoys talking to adults more than kids.  She is super sensitive, which means conflict is hard for her.  She's observant & has the most astounding memory (like mommy). She loves playgrounds.  She is loyal.  She has my eyes and my emotions; but, she moves & carries herself like her daddy, with an introverted spirit.  She also enjoys watching baseball & football with her daddy.  Her favorite day would include doing something outside with her mommy, daddy & sister.  She is my favorite companion to Joe's Garden, and I'm so glad to share this with her.

Tay, Tay Tay, Tayers, Monkeypants, Silly...Tay is our second born and got her nickname when V couldn't quite pronounce her full first name.  It suits her well.  Fun, wind through your hair, on an adventure sort of name.  That's Tay.  She is feisty & has opinions on life.  Yet, she's very easy going too.  She lets her mind be known, but is quick to resolve conflict.  She's a ham and loves being silly.  She loves singing (and truth be told, I think she enjoys the sound of her own voice).  She adores her sissy & ice cream too.  Her favorite color is pink or purple chocolate.  And she has the cutest voice when reading books.  She is a mini-me when it comes to features, being a grouch in the morning, hates to disappoint and the need for reconciliation.  She is a physical touch person and needs plenty of physical affection to start her day out right.  She loves princess anything, likes being in charge, but super helpful when I need it.  Dresses are her preferred outfit of choice.  She absolutely adores her older sister.  She is looking forward to becoming a "big sister," and suggests we name the baby, "Ariel, Flounder or Sebastian."  Although she LOVES to laugh & be silly, she also has a serious side to her and doesn't like it when people don't take her seriously first before joking with her.  She follows after Ben in her ability to spin wit & humor from nowhere.  She is also our resident monkey, eager to find a way out of going to bed.  Did I mention she's incredibly cute & charming?  Oh boy!  Our life would be much more dull without her presence and I'm sure glad I get to share this journey with her.      


Coming Soon:  Baby #3


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