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Summer Equals Swim Lessons

Last year V took her first ever swim lessons.  She has always shown a rather fright around being emerged in the water, or getting water into her face.  In part this is due to her sensory processing, where some things she goes full fledge into and others she takes a very cautious backseat.  Water has been the backseat.  

The teacher would take the kids to the five feet area and have them jump in to her, while holding their hands.  V would jump and completely submerge into the water.  This FREAKED her out to the bone.  From that moment on, she did not really like jumping to the teacher from that point on.  Not to mention the grandma who would take her 3 year old granddaughter to the diving board and throw her in to the instructor--yes the child kicking & screaming bloody murder.  I think that also added to V's hysteria when confronted with jumping in the water.  

However, I did see her become more brave when in the shower at the pool allowing the water to go all over her face.  I had hoped this would translate permanently.  Meanwhile, Tay was still 5 months shy of joining in, which she hated.  

This year it means we are out of the house by 7:50 to be early (it's the most punctual you'll probably see me) and on time for our 8:15 lesson.  The girls are in separate classes.  Tay is on the stairs in the littlest class, while V is across the way in her class.  What does this look like?

The first day went something like this:

Tay: "HI SISSY--SISSY, HI!," and then waving frantically.

V: "HI TAY!," and waving back frantically.

Anytime Tay would go by V's class with her teacher on the paddle board she would stop listening to the teacher and begin saying, "Hi Sissy, look at me, I'm swimming!"  "Yes, good job!," V would reply.  I believe at one point they were having a full on conversation and the poor teacher (a young college student or high school student) wouldn't know how to break it up.  

V's first words upon entering her class was, "Where are the girls?"  When she realized there weren't going to be any girls in her class, she knew that she would need to talk to boys.  Conversation of course revolved around, "Do you like my new swimsuit?  Do you have a new swimsuit?"  The boys were kind and obliged her, but, well...they're boys and new swimsuits aren't very high on their list.

Then, Tay...the teachers asked what everyone's name was and her reply, "Alice."  Luckily, I was within earshot and informed them of her real name.  Before the girls got into the pool on Monday I told them, "Girls, I know you're going by Olivia and Alice right now, but while we're in the pool, we need to go by our real names.  You know, the ones mommy & daddy gave you.  It's so we don't confuse your teachers."  

Tay forgot the memo. 


It's now Friday and I'm one exhausted pregnant mama, and we have three more weeks to go (this might start my labor).  But, we've had a blast and I have gotten teary eyed seeing my V grow so much in this week alone. She is still in her own world, like always; but, you wouldn't know this is the same girl from just two weeks ago at the pool crying about getting water in her eyes.  She is like a little fish in the water and I truly didn't know if this would ever happen.  I see her dunking herself straight into the water, bobbing up and down, up and down.  

Here are some choppy videos I took on my phone of the girls in their own spotlight.  

Tay swimming on her first day.  Mind you, she smiles quite a lot while on the paddle board.  One of her teachers says rather enthusiastically, "Can you put your face in the water?  Can you blow some bubbles?"  Tay responds with a big grin and chocolate brown eyes with a shaking of her head no.  It's endearing.


Here V bobs up & down.


V swimming with her head under the water.

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