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Life in the Scellick clan has been anything but dull. There's the inward parts which whisper to me, "Live as much of this with these two as you can before the third comes along." So, we have been doing just that.  I can't say that I have been carpe diem about keeping house.  But, when the Pacific NW, specifically Bellingham, gets weeks upon weeks of sunshine, staying inside shouldn't be high priority. 

Our mornings are still busy with swim lessons and I'm constantly impressed with the bravery & courage the girls are displaying.  Not just that though, but the ensemble Tay chose one morning as I was making breakfast.



We've also had more time for reading, reading, reading.  With no preschool for V, we are enjoying trips to the library and mama becomes the recording device to which the words spill.  After one trip, where we acquired one too many 'Disney Princess' books, our next trip went something like:

Me: "Oh, we are only able to check out ONE Princess book."

Girls: "Why?"

Me: "Because we need to leave some for other little girls."

Luckily, they didn't fight on it and we've been enjoying 'Fancy Nancy,' 'Pinkalicious,' 'Little Bear,' and 'Francis' (the most adorable little badger the world has known).  I love these quiet moments in the afternoon to read these over & over--I imagine post baby this will be a common household event.  


We purchased a punchcard for drop in dance classes at a dance company that most everyone I know has taken their kids.  Tay is a natural when it comes to dancing & singing, very theatrical (and I wonder where she gets it?).  V is more freestyle.  While Tay was in her pre-ballet class dancing it up, V stood outside watching then repeating the steps in the hallway.  All of a sudden I hear,


She peered into the big girl ballet class to watch, memorize & repeat.  If I could bottle that moment up, I would be drunk with sweetness.  


So you know how I said Tay is a my theatrical one?  V is too in her own personal imaginative way; however, Tay is the one who is my dress-up girl constantly shocking me with raucous laughter as I see what arrangements she has made (as I write this I had to get something from my room to find Tay fixing her hair in the mirror during rest time.  She says she needs it wet to get curly like her sister).  

One thing about this child is she would fill some niche in the theater department; whether, it be on stage as a performer or designing costumes.  Oh, yes, and she is still the hamiest ham I've ever known when it comes to picture time.  


V's favorite day is Saturday & Sunday, because, "our whole family is together!"  She told Ben last Friday, "Daddy, you don't need to go to work.  I think you just need to come to swimming lessons!"  Ben surprised us all by saying he was going into work late to watch swimming lessons.  The girls response...ESTATIC.  Clearly this is seen in the below picture as they both clambered to hold their papa's hand in all their radiant cuteness.  


So what's next?  


Either my birthday or a baby!


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