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My Brilliant Storyteller

Thursday Wednesday is the official first day of summer and we will welcome it (on Thursday, because I misread my dates) in by eating strawberry shortcake for breakfast in perfect off-white bowls with a strawberry painted on them. Today was V's last day of preschool and she couldn't be any more brilliant in mind & spirit.

"I need to wear my party dress for the last day of school! The one with brown & pink," she exclaimed to ensure I knew the dress.

"Yes," I know what dress.

She wasn't even four when entering the special preschool complete with her specialized IEP and now a shining 5 year old, still with the kindest of hearts you'll ever meet. Tay was eager to attend her Sis's last day of school picnic, complete in her purple party dress & purse (oh how I got some girlie girls). We walked out to the far field for the preschool picnic amongst the big kids on the playground. V wanted nothing more than to hold her mama & papa's hand feeling the warmth & security of the people who love her the most on this planet. I like to think this will always be the case.

Tay on the otherhand, kept up with the kids, as Ben noted her desire to "be" one of the kids. Their personalities, their design comes out boldly in days like today. Tay doing her thing, taking check of papa & mama, but not disjointed from being separated. V not afraid of being separated, merely loving that her parents are with her, because her perfect day is Saturday & Sunday when papa doesn't have to go to work and "the whole family is together."

I cannot even begin to tell you how proud I am of V and how hard she works at what other kids her age might take for granted. She works her body hard. She doesn't let her gross motor skills or low muscle tone sway her from running, climbing or jumping. It's a bit in her naivety that she doesn't quite pick up on all the differences. Sometimes her own "worldness" is a strength as she sees the world in what others imagine.

As you may know, her middle name is Storey.

Long before, while she was in my belly, I felt strongly about this name being given to the baby if a girl. I clearly remember seeking God and seeing how God weaves his story into ours. I saw this child within being apart of God's story. She would have her own story and lead others to God's story through it, in order that they may find their story.

My sweet V Storey holds this without a shadow of a doubt.

She lies next to me creating a story with her sensitive soul. Having never watched The Little Mermaid recreates her own story of the Sea Witch. But she's mean because she throws trash everywhere in the Sea Kingdom. This makes Ariel sad. King Triton lets the Sea Witch know that "sweet Sea Witches get to go to the party who help clean up." Unfortunately, the Sea Witch chooses not to clean up the trash. Given chance after chance, King Triton locks her in her room. The Sea Witch changes her heart by saying 'sorry' and King Triton forgives her (the Sea Witch also prays to ask Jesus to help her clean up the mess in her heart). The Sea Witch then becomes a sweet girl and Ariel is no longer sad.

Words spoken from the images of our heads is what denotes a storyteller in my mind. It's long before pen & paper. It's the oral tradition of speaking life, making sense of the unseen, and bringing people together. My girl is learning, "I'm a storyteller!"


Yes indeed she is. A storyteller with a cautious soul and an imagination of possibility. Well done my beautiful, kind, curly haired, forgiving, brilliant little-big girl for pursuing this life to the fullest while always taking others into consideration. You shine!

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