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My Heart is Full

Our vacation at the beach, the Washington beach in Spring is still a very cold place.  Nonetheless, it was rejuvenating and we all had a wonderful time living without the conveniences of technology.  I'm reminded how I love these people.  My Tay with her "umph" of life.  V with her big heart & imagination.  Ben with his constant pouring of love on his girls.  

We are also superbly blessed by having grandparents who joyfully & selflessly love us through words & actions.  And to think we get to add another little person to our table, to our life is beyond me.  I am approaching 26 weeks and right on track with growth, while this little person reminds me of their strength as each kick becomes more pronounced.  


I'm more quiet on this pregnancy than with V or Tay, but maybe I'll talk more about it later.  For now, I get to cherish this little person within our current of family of four.  So, if you'll excuse me from writing about it--thank you.  If you'll excuse me from discussing the details or planning in person, know that it's different this time around.  I'm learning that this sentimental heart needs to be okay with slow attachment & bonding.  

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Awesome hats. Beautiful girls. Love this post.

May 2, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJenny

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