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Smoothies & a Little Crazy

You know when your kids say stuff, and when I say stuff...it truly appears to be such.  Today was one of those days from Tay to V.


After my workout tonight, the girls were getting ready to get into bed & I walked upstairs with a smoothie I just made.  If you know V, you know how much she loves smoothies.  I think she can smell them, and considering smoothies don't really permeate the olfactory--that's quite a gift she holds.  

V: "What's that?"

Me: While saying, "It's my smoothie!," she lifts her head in Jedi-like fashion and somehow I'm lowering my cup.

She continues to take a drink, which could turn into eternity only lasts mere seconds (this mama knows better).  I remind her of the smoothie she had earlier that night with papa, which makes little marking in her smoothie soul.


What seems like hours is really minutes as her persistence in beguilely asking for another drink pours on me.  She brought up a book she had read at school.

V chatters, "Remember, the fishy has scales and shares with his friends.  You need to be like the fishy sharing with his friends!"

Ben interjects: "V, did you share your smoothie with daddy?"

V unabashedly projects, "No!  And that's why mommy needs to share with me!"



Tay is my silly kid.  I often think, "God, laughter truly is a gift isn't it?"  He answers by pointing to Tay.  

Today as I was helping her in the bathroom, I placed my hands around her hips & hoisted her up high.  She squealed with delight and shouted, "Again!!"  

I replied while laughing, "Okay, get up.  You're so silly Tay!"

Her response was that double take moment as she said, "Yes!  I am silly!  I'm CRAZY...like Jesus! (what?)  Jesus is crazy & so is Tay!"


I think she was intending to pay Jesus a compliment, believe it or not.

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