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Silly Eyes


It's quite possible that you don't know how funny Tay is, and her intentional silliness, in order to make you laugh.  She is a pro at crossing her eyes (as captured above).  So at any given moment, say the dinner table, I look up from a bite to encounter...

The Silly Eyes

She says, "Wow, there's two mamas.  There's two cups."  Then, she proceeds to look up at me, in order to get a laugh from me.  

The same is true if I'm helping her in the bathroom with her pants or something as I look up.  She was patiently waiting for me to see her 'silly eyes' all googly.  


I know I can be serious, or quite introspective at time.  It's when I have this little girl to bring me to ground level to laugh, when I realize that 'play' and 'laughter' are gifts.  So, next time you're in need of a pick me up, ask Tay, "Can you show me your silly eyes?"  I'm sure you will be in a brighter mood.

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