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Snapshots into the Craziness I call Home

One thing I find intriguing about blogging is perception.  We all have perceptions of people and how they run their home, or how their children perfectly align with family rules, or (let's be honest) the mama & papa's sheets are plenty hot from all the action (you know like 5 times a week--modest estimation).  But it's all perception of perfection and needs to be thrown from a 10 story window.

The reason (like most people) I don't portray everything is because well, it's my family & not anyone else's.  It's personal & private (at least some of it), and should be kept a bit sacred.  However, there are those moments in which I share here, because it's good for everyone's soul. 


For instance, yesterday our friends from college who have been in the states from Berlin, Germany emailed to see if we'd be available for dinner.  Of course we make room for them.  They have two sweet twin boys, who are just a couple months younger than Tay.  Now, Tay has a fascination with all things "Poop."  Yes, she acts more like a boy and laughs hysterically if "poop," "fart," "poo" are mentioned.  Might I add that she has infectious laughter when discussing such talk, which inevitably leads me to chuckle.  

Earlier in the day when another round of "poop" talk came about as she laughed, I replied, "Tay, do you remember our new friends coming over tonight?  Well, you're older than them and you get to show them how to have good manners.  When we say words like "poop," they might start saying it and their mommy & daddy wouldn't be happy about that."

She shakes her head, "Oh no! That wouldn't be good."

Our friends came, we ate, shared life, played & upon seeing them to the door, I turned to Tay privately, "I like how well you shared with your new friends and showed kindness--thank you Tay!"  

Her face beamed.  She responded proudly (and a bit loudly), "And I didn't say POOP!"  


I could tell you of the million times I hear the word "why" in my house, or how little girls get dresses taken away when they say "no" to mama, but really, that's for the birds.  

I did ask V the other day, after she had responded with "Why" for the thirty-zillioneth time, "Sweetie, how come you always say 'why?'"

Very thoughtful & nonchalant in her response, "Well, it's just the word I use!"


Yesterday it was sunny and I took the girls to a park.  A little girl showed up with her father, and clearly this kid is some prodigy.  She was a whole 6 inches shorter than Tay and when my girls asked her her name, she replied with something.  Then, she pulled out a crayon sidewalk chalk and proceeded to spell her name in the most legible writing for most grown adults (let alone a three year old..or four).  

When the little girl asked Tay her name, Tay without skipping a beat replied, "I'm Uniqua!"  I was caught off guard.

I wondered, "do I let my kid just tell random people her name is a cartoon character or try to correct her?"

Well, it got a little more convoluted when she proceeded to inform them that her sister was "Tasha, that's my mommy Tyrone, but Pablo daddy is at work.  And Austin lives somewhere else, that's my Nana!"  


I plead the fifth or allow the people with the white jackets to take me away.  Either way, I'm sure this next little one inside will only add to the craziness of it all.  It's like Jack Handy said, "Father said laughter was the best medicine, I guess that's why we all died from tuberculosis." (and if you don't find that last line funny, well...)


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I meant to comment earlier, but I am here now. My sweet granddaughters are just so funny even when they may not mean to be. Thank you for sharing another wonderfully funny part of your life. I just love that my girls are just so beautiful and filled with life.
March 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterNancy

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