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How We Played Hookie From Sunday School


V has ended up catching the cold that I've been suffering from this past week.  Poor kid gets it via watery eyes, runny and stuffy nose.  She's a champ about it.  I asked wondering if she was feeling okay with going to Sunday School.  She thought it might be good to stay home.  

So during breakfast, I realized that I wasn't quite clear on us going or not going to church service.  By that point, it was 20 till it started and began to talk about what we would do.  Ben of course brought up Seattle Mariners Fanfare day again (it was Saturday & Sunday), while V said she wanted to stay home with me.  Tay was up for the adventure as she happily read her library books.  

Next thing I know, we are all busily getting ready within 20 minutes to get in the car, in order to be at Safeco in time for one of the autograph signings (here behind V is Taijuan Walker & Danny Hultzen).  



Both girls had their baseballs ready to sign once we got to the table.  V asked, "Your autograph please?" and then proceeded to inquire about the hot dogs from Danny Hultzen, an upcoming Major Leaguer.  Meanwhile, Tay was second.  She handed the ball to Taijuan Walker saying thank you (and very oblivious as to what was going on), then to Danny Hultzen, and then to the lady sitting next to him.  Heck, as far as she knew, she was the next up & coming.


V was glad to be done with the line, so she could finally get her coveted:

"hot dog with ketchup."  

So was Tay, but she likes the natural pairing of mustard & ketchup.  


We watched families round the bases, with mamas & daddies holding their little ones hands rounding second.  There were the skads of young boys garbed in little league attire running and sliding into third.  Sheer delight & victory sung over their face.  We watched how men were pursuing their dream of catching a pop up ball in the outfield, while failing miserably.  Our turn was next, with Tay eager about running.


Apparently, Tay had many looks on her face like this when it came time to take pictures.  Maybe she knew something like falling was just around the bend; hence, preparing herself.


Again, Tay is not amused, while V is saying her obligatory "cheese" but not really smiling.  It's how we roll.  Let's see if it's better with daddy.


Well, at least both girls are saying cheese.  Maybe it's because Tay has a sense of triumph with her foot resting on third base.  You be the judge.


We visited the Mariner Clubhouse, which is only open to the general public during Fanfare days (a little tidbit we found out when we visited years ago).  The girls, not really impressed.  But, daddy, I'm sure he was just a bit.  

With me being pregnant, which inevitably means I was more tired, constantly using the bathroom and a bit cold, doing this sort of thing isn't my number one choice in life.  However, when you can see the gleam come from your husband's eyes about baseball, his team's stadium, getting an autograph, etc, you can't help but think that maybe as he watches those young boys rounding second, sliding into third that a part of him is in them.  

And as I would have been fine to not see the Mariner clubhouse (I didn't grow up with them as my team, San Diego Padres), I knew that love to him is not complaining & cheerifully going ahead to encourage "cheeriful, sweet voices" from the girls as we make one last stop.  But, you know, I wouldn't have changed our playing hooky one bit.  It's trudging past the uncomfortable for the moment, in order to give love & receive love.  In order to create memories & a family story to share at the end.


Come to find out as we already left the stadium, Tay exclaimed with sadness, "We didn't get to throw my baseball!"  Because you see, maybe she kept looking in the distance on the field, or the waiting in line for the autographs was her thinking, "I can't wait to throw this!"  Could it be?  We'll have to wait next year and see.

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