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Personality Types for Children


I have a love for Myers-Briggs & most likely have given you a four letter label to match your personality.  I met a gal online, Amy Jane, who has an equal love for MBTI.  She recently wrote up a post on children & understanding your child's personality.  She accounts for the F, T, N, & S, while steering away from the J, P, E, & I, because the organizing & energy placement aren't stablized or constants in little people.  

Most of what I've read on understanding children's personality traits is that they begin to emerge at the age of two, but become much more defined by age five.  After reading her description of N: 

tend to be very imaginative, seeing possibilities, thinking of the future, frequently storytellers and often lost in their own world.  They can be very focused on things others don’t notice, and still miss the obvious.  These are the kids who genuinely don’t notice they’re stepping on the only book left on the floor.

Completely describes V & myself, especially the part where we focus on things others don't notice, yet still miss the obvious.  

And then she describes the S as:

tend to be very grounded and practical children.  Their wants and delights are physical: bright colors or quiet spaces, building towers and watching how they fall. Their distractions and distresses, also lean to the physical: the cold, a stickiness, or stone in the shoe. They have a high attentiveness to the information gathered through their senses: tastes, textures, sounds sights and smells.

This describing Tay.  She gets upset about her clothing being wet, is meticulous about eating & mess being around her, and has a tendency to be a little too assertive/take charge with play.


This got me thinking about knowing my girls.  How I can best teach to their personality & their skill set.  V is much more fanciful & imagery driven.  Her strengths aren't always ones seen with the common eye, because her world & strengths are "out there," while Tay's strengths are very practical, observable, down to earth skills.  She is a master at putting together puzzles.  You need only tell her directions once & she is on it.  She is not like me.  I need instructions a couple times & then still need some space.  

V is like me in this regard, taking slow to tasks & follow through, meanwhile having a story playing out in her head that she assumes everyone can see.  Oh how I love the differences as it makes life an adventure.  

I encourage you to take a look at Amy Jane's post.  What do you see in your children?  How can knowing the way the see the world help you better parent them?  

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