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Many Faces of Tay in this Third Year

Our Tay Evangelina turned three a week and a half ago.  With V weighing in at 8lbs 2oz & a quick labor, Tay came in at 6lbs 2oz & a long labor.  She had one of the sweetest dispositions as a baby, and when she turned 15 months...watch out world.  Her personality emerged more & more, and we continue to pray that her strength of will would be honed to that of her loving Father.

This third year of life has been filled with joy, laughter, & independence.  I have watched my baby grow into her own person.  A person wanting all of life, while eagerly desiring her parent's & sister's approval.  Her name is rhythm & walking in truth.  No matter where life takes you sweet one, no matter where you walk, we pray that you would walk in the rhythms of the Kingdom life.  Those rhythms will never fail you goose.  

As you assuredly announce, "No, I'm not goose, I'm Tay Evangelina!"  I see a little of myself in that spirit.  I knew who I was & I knew who Jesus was, along the way, I lost track.  I pray that I would be a good steward of the gift God has entrusted me with in you, and that your spirit would cling to knowing who you are as "Tay Evangelina."  Your infectious laughter fills my cup.  Your snuggles & kisses with those endearing chocolate brown eyes melt this heart of mine.  How I wish I could bottle you up so you'd never get big.  But, that seems dishonoring to who you need to be.  I see how BIG your little soul will fly & I certainly don't want to get in the way of you soaring.  


So our 'Queen of the Fairies,' dress wearing, purple blankie loving, sister admirer, 15 year old in three year old body, fashionista, mama's helper, girl who calls her mama "mom," sweet toothed nibbler, monkey business seeker, princess enraptured, graceful dancer, catch phrase speaker, daddy kisser, and all around cuteness---thank you for blessing our home with you.  Wonderful, beautiful you. Happy Third Birthday our Tay Evangelina!


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